Useful Packages For Sublime Text

Sublime text come up with very few packages, we need to manually add packages to make it more useful.
Following are the packages that I found useful for Sublime text.
1. Add Folder To Project.
this packages help you to add multiple code folder to same project.
Go to -> Project -> Add folder to project.
2. All Autocomplete
This packages gives you auto complete popup to each word that you type in Sublime.
3. AutoFileName 
Auto file name gives you list of file name when you type name of any of file which is available in our code folder.
4. Go To Definition
This packages gives you “Go To Definition” option in right click menu. So that you can quickly go o the function defination.
5. Go To Class
This packages add “Go To Class” option to right click menu, So that you can quickly go to the selected class.
6. Go To RowCol
Some code file are so large, and find any specific line in that huge file, its headache for developer.
Go to row col packages help you to jump on the specific line by using line number.
You can to quickly go to particular line number by using this package.
You can use this package by using Ctrl + G key combination.
7. Project manager
This package allow you to create multiple project.