Make your Sublime Text Editor More Sublime

Here are few settings, which makes your sublime more sublime.
Open your setting file. Located at
preferences → Settings – User

1. Caret style

Change your caret style to phase and it will fade in and out rather than blink.

Other options – “smooth”, “phase”, “blink”, “wide” and “solid”.


2. Highlight current Line

By default sublime not highlight the current line. Highlighting the current line is a subtle visual cue when jumping back and forth between a browser and code.

This is also super handy when you are dealing with long lines of code/text and you want to quickly know if the current line is wrapped or not.


3. Line height

This increases the readability of code so much better.


4. Enable Code folding arrows

Code Folding in Sublime Text is great but most of the people don’t use it, Because the arrows aren’t visible until you hover over the gutter.

Make them always visible and get folding!


5. Bold Folder Labels

One of the downsides to Sublime Text is that the sidebar isn’t as strong as other editors.
Bold visual helps out here to make Sublime editor more strong. This helps us to quickly identify what is a folder and what is a file.


6. Show Tabs and Whitespacs

By default, Sublime shows whitespace on selected text. Tabs show up as dashes, while spaces are dots.

You can control when Sublime shows white space with the draw_white_space setting.
The default value is selection, but you can override that with all to always show whitespace or none to never show it.

If you also want Sublime to automatically replace tab characters with spaces when you open a file, override the translate_tabs_to_spaces setting: