kfc.i.illuminationes.com Malware attack on WordPress

How this malware affect to your website?
This malware added a infected JS to your website pages and because of that whenever you open page it redirects to somewhere else. If antivirus installed on your machine then it will raise notice that website is harmful to your website.
How to prevent?
First reason for this attack is your password. If your password is weak then it will affect to your website very easily.
First way to avoid this type of malware attack, update your password to strong one so that your password never gets hack.
If your website is already affected with this malware then you need to follow below mentioned steps to remove it from your website.
1. You need to find out the affected files so that you can remove this malware from your website, to find out affected files –
1 Disable all your plugin and themes, and reload your website then checkout that affected JS are are loaded or not. If malware not loaded with your page means that any one of your themes or plugins is affected with this malware.
Now the simple way to remove this affected plugins and themes is manually activate one by one plugin and reload webpage and checkout that malware is loaded or not, so that you can easily find out the affected themes and plugins.
2. Another simple way is – this malware update your file type to some suspected file type. So one way is manually find out suspected file types and remove that suspected files.
3. Third way to remove this malware is simply download all your code on your system and scan your root folder with help of good antivirus, it will easily remove infected files from your code base.
4. Sometime this malware affect your WordPress files so in that case you need update your WordPress to latest version.