Laravel Application with Admin LTE 2 implementation

Hello, Developers…

Many times we try to find out the best plugin for admin panel which we can use with Laravel. But nothing good is available. Even I was trying same but didn’t found any good solution so I decided to use Admin LTE 2 with Laravel and built the base app which we can use for any of our application as a base app and then later we can add our required module in it.

By using this base application you can do the following things:

  • Authentication.
  • Register new user.
  • User profiles.
  • Create different user types and users.
  • Assign roles to the user as per the user type.
  • Assign module permission.
  • Image upload.
  • Create responsive images in the backend for the user interface.

I am adding this application for the new developer so that they can learn Laravel as well as they can reffer the code base for their learning.

New developers have some specific issues at the initial level like:

How to create the new application in Laravel?

How to write effective code in Laravel and etc.

While creating this app I have taken care of all of this things.

If you need this application email me on my personal email. Will send you the download link.


Application Details:

Laravel – V 5.5

Apache –  2.4.27

PHP – 7.0

MySQL – 5.7.19

Here is the Download link.